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Revocation Of Election - Your Ticket Out of Tax...

Income tax is voluntary. This video explains what to do about that.

The Power of Paper

One of the most common ways government and corporate institutions rob, cheat and control us is with something called "default contracts". Through our "silenc...

GTEN Private Trust Education Webinar Series 1 -...

Trustees of the Global Trust Education Network (GTEN) discuss the history of private express trusts under the common law and the applicable jurisdictions and...


DAILY CARDANO UPDATE✅ Bybit: https://bit.ly/CoinsKidByBit 👉 Up to $30,030 BONUS🔥 PRIME XBT UP TO $7000 BONUS! With Promo Code CoinsKid 🔥 👉 https://bit....

ADA Sign of Weekness #3

Is this the last leg down for 2022?


Axo Whitepaper Breakdown Pt.1 | Introduction: 2-2.3

The Axo Whitepaper breakdown series begins with the problem. What is Axo trying to solve? Why is Axo being built? What are the conditions of the world before...

Cardano Stake Pool Operator posted a new discussion5 months ago

AXO Whitepaper


Cardano Stake Pool Operator created a new product 6 months ago


32" to 100" SONY and Samsung Brands

ADA Potential Price Movement Phase E SOW #2

"Hi Everyone! We must conclude Distribution continues. If Distribution continues, this would mean we are looking at ANOTHER Sign of Weakness in Phase E of ou...


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Cardano (ADA) Trailblazing | Cardano Insights

Cardano ADA "Trailblazing": In today's video as promised we take another look back at ScotFest, specifically the release of the input endorsers CIP, Ouroboro...

Cardano (ADA) The Arrival | Cardano Insights

Cardano ADA "The Arrival": In today's video we discuss Indigo Protocols launch, iUSD stablecoin, Djed confirmed, Djed Pay, Liqwid Finance public testnet laun...

Cardano (ADA) Changing the game | Cardano Insights

Cardano ADA "Changing the game": In today's video we discuss IOG's investment in its blockchain lab, progress on Edinburgh Decentralization Index, Emurgo ann...

Cardano (ADA) Timing | Cardano Insights

Cardano ADA "Timing": In today's video we discuss World Mobile connecting Timbatu Island, Indigo Protocol launch, MELD testnet, Liqwid Finance development up...

Cardano (ADA) North Star | Cardano Insights

Cardano ADA "North Star": In today's video we discuss Cardano's North Star, IOG's latest development update, Cardano's approach, Charles recent FTX twiter sp...


DAILY BITCOIN UPDATE✅ Bybit: https://bit.ly/CoinsKidByBit 👉 Up to $4,450 BONUS✅ Bitget: https://bit.ly/CoinsKidBitGet2 👉Up to $8.000 BONUS✅ Bitget Tutoria...

Cardano (ADA) Blue Skies | Cardano Insights

Cardano ADA "Blue Skies": In today's video we discuss World Mobile's aerostat live launch event & aerostat connectivity demonstration & take an in depth look...

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